Successful Startups

Aron Lentsch



Hong-Ren Su



Masaki Nakada



Please see below for details of international firms already operating in Ibaraki



Sweden – Company that manufactures automotive safety parts


France – Company that

developments and manufactures of automotive components and their systems and modules.


Korea – Company that

manufactures and sales ductless hazardous gas purification systems, fume hoods, reagent storage, etc.


India – Company that continues to provide cutting-edge solutions needed by the next generation of engineers and researchers

Video Introduction to the Business Environment in Ibaraki Prefecture

Make Innovations happen in Ibaraki!


It introduces the business environment in Ibaraki Prefecture that is highly regarded by many companies, with interviews with foreign and local companies that have advanced into the market, and support organizations.


Tsukuba Area

Introduction to the business environment in the Tsukuba area

 A Global Hub for Science Research and Industry


「Make innovations happen in Tsukuba!」

Hitachi Area

Introduction to the business environment in the Hitachi area – 

Bringing together Tradition and Innovation


「Tradition×Innovation  Hitachi Area

Case studies

Case studies 1 – foreign companies newly expanded into Ibaraki Prefecture

IASYS Technology Solutions Inc.

– Empowering Engineers and Researchers in Tsukuba



Autoliv Japan Ltd.

– The Swedish Company Saving Lives with Ibaraki’s Support

Ambii Inc.

– Making Healthcare Accessible for Everyone

Nanolux co. Ltd.

– Technology has No Borders

Case studies 2 – local startups actively collaborating with foreign companies and organizations


– International Collaboration Bringing Gene Therapy for Incurable Diseases


– Life-Changing Technology: Visualize your Health


Case studies 3 – global companies representing Ibaraki Prefecture

Mitsubishi Power

– 90 Years of History, Now Innovating in Ibaraki


Seki Press., Ltd.(JPN)

– Spreading Innovation from Ibaraki to the World


Hitachi Regional Technical Support Center

– Supporting the Advancement of Local Industries

[ Research Institute]

National Institute for Materials Science- Diverse Research Resources Powering Innovation

[ Support Organization]

Tsukuba Center, Inc. – Supporting Technology Commercialization and Business Innovation since 1988

Tsukuba Startup Park – Providing Opportunities for Startups to Connect and Grow


Message from the Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture to Foreign Companies

「Let’s innovate business in Tsukuba!

「Let’s innovate business in Hitachi!


International Business Development Division, Ibaraki Prefectural Government

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