Support system

Support for startups is provided by Ibaraki’s One-stop service

Support contents


①Bridge between Institutions and local companies
We can connect your company with institutions such as AIST, NIMS or KEK.

For more details, please refer to section below.

③Information on real estate and incubation offices
We provide information office rental or real estate.

④Information on the Ibaraki lifestyle
We can also provide information on education (international schooling) hospital and other life-related support.

We are able to arrange inspection tours to Institutions you wish to visit.

Please contact us.

Benefits for foreign business setting up in Ibaraki Prefecture

Eligible Companies Prerequisite
Foreign businesses that are looking to set up new office/headquarters ※ in Ibaraki Prefecture. ① Foreign Funded Companies(Japanese enterprise that are more than 1/3 funded by foreign capital)
② Companies affiliated with ① (100%subsidiary of ①)
③ Foreign Companies(Foreign owned enterprise

Facility or facilitation zone that functions as headquarter, research facility or office and employs more than 1 employee at all times.
(However, residence, shops or accommodation facilities are excluded.)



Type of Subsidy Detail Rate of subsidy
Establishment Fund ・Market surveying expenses
・Application processing expenses
・Acquisition of Status of Residence expenses
・Interpretation, translation fees associated with the above
Within 50%
(below 2 million yen)
Rent Rent for office facilities within 12 months from the start of contract Within 50%
(below 2.4 million yen)
R&D Expenses Labor cost, subcontract cost, supplies expense, depreciation cost, and other costs associated with research and development Within 25%
(below 2 million yen)

〇Requirements apply to receiving the above benefits. Additional benefits might also be available upon request. Please inquire for detail.

  • Please contact us first when considering to apply.
Applicants click here!

Application guide for subsidy for foreign-affiliated companies in Ibaraki (PDF:110KB)

Application form (Word:30KB) (Japanese)